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utorrent 1.8This guide is for private trackers only, so only use these settings if you need an account on the tracker you're downloading from!!

Settings for uTorrent 1.8.x:

Options => Preferences Connection:
# Port used for incoming connections [ set one between 20000 - 65000 ]
# Uncheck Enable UPnP Port Mapping [ If you have a UPnP capable router, you can leave this checked so that you don't need port forwarding to become connectable. ]
# Check Add uTorrent to Windows Firewall exceptions.

# Global maxim number of connections [ 500 - or mire , depends on your connection ]
# Maximum number of connected peers per torrent [ 5-300 , depends on your connection ]

# Number of upload slots per torrent [ the same as Maximum number of connected peers per torrent ]
# Uncheck Enable DHT Network
# Uncheck Enable DHT for new torrents
# Uncheck Enable Peer Exchange
# Outgoing: select Enabled
# Check Allow incoming legacy connections Queueing
# Maximum number of active torrents [ 100 or more , depends on your connection ]
# Maximum number of active downloads [ 100 or more , depends on your connection ]

# net.low_cpu = false
# net.max_halfopen = 43 [ A value of 20 should be enough, but a larger number might be better, modify this value only after you have applied the patch at the end of the post, otherwise your browsing will almost freeze while you have uTorrent active!!!. ]
# peer.disconnect_inactive_intervall = 500
# diskio.sparse_files = true
# peer.lazy_bitfield=true

NOTE : you need this patch for the max_halfopen setting above. After you have patched yout tcpip.sys, you can set the net.max_halfopen value to something between 43-50.
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