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  • FireShot is a print-screen Firefox addon which can save a webpage or just part of a webpage, add annotations, arrows, text, boxes and different effects and then upload them to a free image hosting website. There is one drawback to this addon: it only runs on Windows.
  • Textcomplete can create keyboard shortcurs to auto-fill forms in Firefox. For instance, i set for my blog address to be filled when entering the letter "b" in a form and then hitting Ctrl + Alt + Z, or my email to be filled, when entering the letter "e" in a form, then hitting Ctrl + Alt + Z on my keyboard buttons and so on. You can use it to fill you name, e-mail(s), website(s) or custom code so that you don't have to remember it, like when posting to a blog, to auto-fill some custom CSS. Textcomplete also works for password fields and in Thunderbird, not only Firefox.
  • UrlbarExt is a great Firefox addon which extends your URL bar, by adding a few extra buttons to the right of the bar, which can:
  • urlextbar
    * Auto-generate a short url for the current url * Use a web-proxy just for the current website * Search current website using Google * Tag current Page,this one adds an unique feature to Firefox interface, make it easier for Firefox user’s to Tag the pages they browse and later find it easily using “Awesome bar” or “Recent Tags” menu. * You can show/hide any icon you don’t need using the settings dialog. And many other things which you can read about on it's home-page. This addon works great with cli.gs short url service with statistics for clicks.
  • FireFM is a Firefox addon for those who use last.fm which can be used to listen to a band or a tag (genre, like rock, heavy-metal, etc) or someone else's station or even your own station (plays songs you've listened to or from the tags you've listened to). It also works great with Free music zilla, the application that downloads what you're currently listening to, on Last.fm.
  • FastDial is a clone of Opera's new tab bookmarks, which replaces any new blank tab with visual bookmarks (thumbnails) of your choice. You can set the number of bookmarks to display.
    firefox fastdial
  • Tempomail is a Firefox addon which can be used to auto-fill email fields with a temporary email address (you can set for how long that email address will be available: 4 hours, a day, a week or a month) which will redirect emails to your current real email address. This will keep your real email address spam-free. There is no registration or login needed, the emails will be filled instantly and redirected to your desired email address.
  • Yet Another Smooth Scrolling - comes with three different customizable presets for the way Firefox handles scrolling on web pages. You will instantly notice considerable differences between Firefox's default scroll and the new Yet Another Smooth Scrolling scroll.
    smooth firefox scroll
  • SiteLauncher allows you to create keyboard shortcuts to open websites. For example: ALT + SHIFT + G to open Google, ALT + SHIFT + Y for YouTube and so on. Or you can use your keyboard to power up the SiteLauncher menu, then press a key to go to a website, like in the image below (you can find more screenshots and a visual presentation on it's website):
    Firefox site launcher
  • ImageBot is great for people who need to upload images constantly. What's so great about it is that it can upload images from the web or your computer to Photobucket or ImageShack and then you can select a template to use, like: thumbnail, direct for websites, forums and so on, all from ImageBot. You can even create custom templates for how you can get the link to the image, once uploaded.
    Upload photobucket imageshak imagebot
  • And the 10th addon is useful if at the time you'll be reading this post, a new version of Firefox will be available and these addons won't be compatible: you can download and install Nightly Tester Tools which is a Firefox addon that, among other things, can make any Firefox addon compatible with your current Firefox version. Also, if a Firefox addon is not available to install on it's Firefox Addons page, simply click on "See All Versions" and the install button will be available and you'll be able to install it.