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If you prefer working at the command line to using a graphical interface, and you're a football (soccer) fan, Soccer CLI is for you.

soccer cli

The app uses the football-data.org API to provide past and live football scores, standings, upcoming fixtures, and player information. All major European football leagues are supported, including Premier League, La Liga, UEFA Champions League, and more.

Smaller leagues, as well as UEFA Europa League, are not supported, at least for now.

A list of supported leagues and teams, as well as the codes, can be found HERE (note that for Spain's Primera Division, the league code for soccer-cli is no longer "LLIGA" but "PD", as shown below).

Here are a few Soccer CLI examples:

- get the latest league standings for La Liga:
$ soccer --standings --league=PD

POS     CLUB                              PLAYED        GOAL DIFF     POINTS
1       FC Barcelona                      38            83            91
2       Real Madrid CF                    38            76            90
3       Club Atlético de Madrid           38            45            88
4       Villarreal CF                     38            9             64
5       Athletic Club                     38            13            62
6       RC Celta de Vigo                  38           -8             60
7       Sevilla FC                        38            1             52
8       Málaga CF                         38            3             48
9       Real Sociedad de Fútbol           38           -3             48
10      Real Betis                        38           -18            45
11      Valencia CF                       38           -2             44
12      UD Las Palmas                     38           -8             44
13      SD Eibar                          38           -12            43
14      RCD Espanyol                      38           -34            43
15      RC Deportivo La Coruna            38           -16            42
16      Sporting Gijón                    38           -22            39
17      Granada CF                        38           -23            39
18      Rayo Vallecano de Madrid          38           -21            38
19      Getafe CF                         38           -30            36
20      Levante UD                        38           -33            32

- get live scores (there are no actual live matches at the time I'm writing this article, but in this case, today's fixtures are displayed):
$ soccer --live
====================== Dutch Eredivisie ======================

Heerenveen                 -  vs  -                FC Utrecht   21:00

======================= French Ligue 1 =======================

Bastia                     -  vs  -       Paris Saint-Germain   21:00

AS Monaco                  -  vs  -                  Guingamp   21:30

====================== Portuguese Liga =======================

Rio Ave                    -  vs  -                  FC Porto   22:30

- get all Karlsruher SC (2. Bundesliga; major European leagues did not start yet) scores for the past 10 days:
$ soccer --team=KAR --time 10

2016-08-07 Arminia Bielefeld          0  vs  0             Karlsruher SC

- get upcoming fixtures for Manchester United, for a period of 15 days:
$ soccer --time 15 --upcoming --team=MUFC

AFC Bournemouth            -  vs  -      Manchester United FC   Sun 14, 15:30

Manchester United FC       -  vs  -            Southampton FC   Fri 19, 22:00

Using the latest Soccer CLI from Git, you can get a list of football leagues, teams, and their codes, by using the following command:
soccer --list

To see all the available options, use:
soccer --help

For more examples and usage, see the application GitHub page.

Install Soccer CLI and set up the football-data.org API key

The last Soccer CLI release is old and has missing features (missing football leagues, etc.). The instructions below will install the latest Soccer CLI from Git.

1. Install Python pip

In Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc., install it using the following command (python-setuptools is also required):
sudo apt install python-pip python-setuptools

2. Install the latest Soccer CLI from Git via Python pip (for the current user only):
pip install --user wheel
pip install --user https://github.com/architv/soccer-cli/archive/master.zip
(it looks like the installation fails if "wheel" is not installed first)

3. Add ~/.local/bin to your PATH

The Soccer CLI executable is installed by python-pip under ~/.local/bin/, and you'll need to add it to your PATH.

The following command adds does this by adding PATH="$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH" to ~/.bashrc (replace it with ~/.zshrc if you use Zsh):
echo "PATH=\"\$HOME/.local/bin:\$PATH\"" >> ~/.bashrc

Next, source ~/.bashrc so the new configuration is used (opening a new shell should do it as well):
. ~/.bashrc

Soccer CLI should now be installed.

4. Register on football-data.org to get an API key, and configure Soccer CLI to use it

Visit THIS page and register. The football-data.org API key should be emailed to you.

To set Soccer CLI to use your API key, simply run "soccer" in the terminal and paste the API key when prompted:

soccer cli api

Note that the link displayed by Soccer CLI, the first time you run it, does not work.

You can also set the API key by using:
soccer --apikey YOUR_API_KEY

That's it!

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