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Wmail is a free, open source desktop client for Gmail and Google Inbox, available for Linux, Windows and Mac.

The application is built using Electron and is basically just a wrapper for the original Gmail / Google Inbox interface, on top of which it adds features like native desktop notifications, an unread email list in the tray / appindicator, support for multiple accounts and more.


What makes Wmail useful is the ability to have multiple Gmail accounts in one window, each with its own notification settings, while still using the Gmail or Google Inbox interface. Obviously this doesn't mean you can't use it with a single account.

Note that since Wmail is a wrapper for Gmail or Inbox, it doesn't work offline.

Wmail features:
  • support for both Gmail and Google Inbox;
  • login using OAuth;
  • supports unlimited accounts;
  • desktop notifications (notification bubbles and sounds);
  • unread badge in the app sidebar;
  • tray / indicator icon (with configurable read / unread color) that can display the number of unread emails and allows quick access to recent unread emails;
  • account-specific notification settings: you can choose if you want to display the unread badge, unread emails in the tray, or show notifications. Also, the app allows filtering unread messages: all, inbox only, primary, or important messages;
  • keyboad shortcuts;
  • drag & drop, spellchecking support, custom account images, the app can be closed to the tray / AppIndicator, and more.

I should also mention that in my test under Ubuntu 16.04 (w/ Unity), I stumbled upon a pretty annoying bug: you can't click anywhere inside the Wmail window when the tray / AppIndicator icon flashes. So if you receive a lot of emails at once (or if you add an account that has many unread emails), you'll have to wait for the tray icon to stop flashing before being able to use the app.

I already reported this bug and hopefully it will be fixed soon. Update: the bug has been fixed!

Download Wmail

Download Wmail (binaries available for Linux: deb and generic, Windows and Mac)

Report any bugs you may find @ GitHub.