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Opera browser rss feed reader

A new Opera Developer update released today brings an interesting new feature: a built-in RSS reader.

To try it out, get the latest Opera Developer and click on "News" on the left sidebar. The new Opera RSS reader allows adding your own custom sources, but it also comes with a news catalog:

Opera browser rss feed reader

To add a new custom source, click "Add sources", then paste the RSS feed in the "Search catalog" box.

Note that the Opera RSS reader doesn't automatically detect the RSS feed if you enter a website URL, or at least that was the case in my test. Instead, you must enter the RSS feed URL (as an example, here's a link to the WebUpd8 feed).

The feed reader is pretty limited at the moment. For instance, there's currently no option to remove a custom source. However, there is a workaround: click "Add sources", paste the same URL and untick it.

Also, the URL is displayed in the header and sidebar instead of RSS title. Furthermore, images didn't load for custom sources (like WebUpd8) in my test. I only tried a few though.

Another important change in the latest Opera Developer update is Chromecast support:

Opera browser Chromecast

To try it out, install the `Download Chrome Extension` in Opera, then head over to the Chrome Web Store and install the Google Cast extension.

Download Opera Developer

Download Opera Developer

Or, you may want to download the latest stable version.