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NitroShare is an application that allows transferring files over the local network, available for Linux, Windows and Mac.


The application was designed with speed and simplicity in mind and it can be used without any kind of configuration. That's because it uses broadcast discovery to find other devices on the local network with NitroShare installed.

To transfer files using NitroShare, all you have to do is select the files (or folders - NitroShare supports transferring entire directories) and the computer to send them to. Obviously, both computers need to be running NitroShare.

NitroShare does come with various settings, in case you need to change the download folder or device name, as well as more advanced settings, such as the transfer and broadcast port, and more.

NitroShare Nautilus

NitroShare 0.3.2 was released recently, quickly followed by 0.3.3, released yesterday, and among the changes are:
  • added option to encrypt transfer with TLS;
  • added local HTTP API;
  • added Nautilus and Nemo extensions (allows sending files with NitroShare from the Nautilus context menu);
  • it's now possible to drag and drop files over the transfer window;
  • added option to start NitroShare automatically after login;
  • removed build dependency on libunity in favor of runtime detection;
  • enabled translations and added French, Korean, & Spanish translations;
  • bug fixes.
Note that the changelog mentions a Caja extension however, there's no such package in the latest NitroShare 0.3.3 available in its official PPA.

Install NistroShare

NitroShare (0.3.1 and not the latest 0.3.3 version) is available in the official Ubuntu 16.04+ / Linux Mint 18 and Debian Sid repositories. To install it, use the following command:
sudo apt install nitroshare
Fedora 23+ users can install NitroShare from the official repositories using the following command:
sudo dnf install nitroshare

To install the latest 0.3.3 NitroShare in Ubuntu 16.10, 16.04, 15.10 or 14.04 / Linux Mint 18 or 17.x, you can use its official PPA. To add the PPA and install NitroShare, use the commands below:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:george-edison55/nitroshare
sudo apt update
sudo apt install nitroshare

After adding the PPA, you can also install the NitroShare Nautilus extension, using the commands below (the second command should restart Nautilus):
sudo apt install nitroshare-nautilus
nautilus -q

In the same way, to install the Nemo extension (and restart Nemo), use the following commands:
sudo apt install nitroshare-nemo
nemo -q
Note that for the Nautilus / Nemo / Caja extension to work, NitroShare needs to be running.