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More than a year after its first technical preview was available for the public, Vivaldi 1.0 was released today.

Vivaldi web browser Ubuntu

Vivaldi is a new web browser especially created for users who "have problems fitting all their open tabs on one screen".

Developed by Vivaldi Technologies, whose chief executive and founder is John von Tetzchner, former Opera CEO and co-founder, the browser is built using open source technologies (it uses the Blink engine and, according to Wikipedia, is built using  Node.js, React.js, and numerous NPM modules), but is not open source software.

Vivaldi, which is aimed at power users, includes features such as tab stacks, Opera-like Speed dial which supports multiple folders, as well as built-in notes, which allows including a screenshot of the current web page, along with a tool called Quick Commands, that can be used to search through the Vivaldi history, open tabs, settings, bookmarks and more.

Furthermore, Vivaldi supports Chrome extensions, although the browser aims to provide most of the things you need, including a highly customizable user interface, without having to install extensions.

Here are a few Vivaldi browser screenshots:

Vivaldi web browser Ubuntu

Vivaldi web browser Ubuntu
Quick Commands

Vivaldi web browser Ubuntu
Vivaldi Settings

Vivaldi web browser Ubuntu
Speed Dial

Vivaldi web browser Ubuntu
Tab Stacking and Tab Previews

vivaldi browser linux
Tiled tab stack

Vivaldi features:
  • speed dial which allows access to favorite websites in each new tab;
  • speed dial folders allow oraganizing favorite website into folders;
  • the browser supports quick text commands;
  • built-in notes taking tool;
  • side panel with fast access to bookmarks, downloads and notes;
  • custom search engines support;
  • allows side-by-side browsing using a side panel;
  • tab management:
    • session management;
    • allows previewing open tabs;
    • tab cycling;
    • tab stacks (you can drop a tab on top of another to create a stack);
    • restore closed tabs or blocked pop-ups from the Vivaldi trash can;
    • tab stack tiling (view stacked tabs in a grid or side-by-side);
  • mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts;
  • user interface scaling;
  • adaptive interface color;
  • much more.

Back when the first technical preview was made available for download, its developers said they'll be working on features like notes / bookmarks / history / session sync, a built-in email client and even a mobile version. Unfortunately, these didn't make it in this first stable release, and there's no timeline as to when they will be available.

Download Vivaldi Browser

Download Vivaldi (available for Linux: 32bit and 64bit deb and rpm, Windows and Mac)

For how to get Flash Player and H.264 to work in Vivaldi (in Ubuntu and Linux Mint), see THIS article.