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Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the lack of updates lately! I'll try to post as often before, as long as there are interesting things to write about. Because I still have some catching up to do with various PPA packages that need updating (minor updates, not worthy of an article for the most part), I won't post old news that I didn't get to post during this inactive period, especially since you're probably already familiar with them anyway.

Now back to Audacious. The latest Audacious, which, in case you're not familiar with, is a fast, lightweight audio players, ships with various Qt interface improvements, including plugins which have been ported to Qt, such as the Winamp Classic Interface, the Playlist Manager, Search Tool and Status icon, and more.

GTK2 Interface

Qt interface

Winamp Classic interface

Here's a list of the most important changes in Audacious 3.7:
  • GTK interface only:
    • Internet streams can be recorded while playing via a simple record button;
    • the playlist export window displays supported formats in a drop-down list;
    • a new, unified window has been added for managing equalizer presets;
    • the user interface automatically adjusts to be more usable on high-resolution screens;
    • playlists can be shuffled by whole albums rather than single tracks.
  • Qt interface only:
    • the Qt interface can be customized with several new appearance settings;
    • the following plugins have been ported to Qt: Winamp Classic Interface, Playlist Manager, Search Tool and Status Icon;
    • various small fixes and improvements, such as a visualizer in the info bar, to bring the interface closer to feature-parity with the GTK+ interface;
  • an "Edit Lyrics" option has been added to the LyricWiki plugin, which opens the edit page for the current song;
  • guessing of missing tag fields can be disabled;
  • decoding and playback of standard input is possible with e.g. "cat file.mp3 | audacious -";
  • in dual GTK and Qt builds, incompatible plugins are hidden to avoid confusion;
  • most audtool commands now apply to the playlist which is playing, even if it is in the background;
  • bug fixes.

A complete changelog can be found HERE.

Install Audacious 3.7 in Ubuntu or Linux Mint

As usual, the latest Audacious is available in the main WebUpd8 PPA. The PPA provide Audacious build with GTK2 and Qt interfaces (I can't also enable the GTK3 interface because it requires separate builds).

To install Audacious 3.7 in Ubuntu 14.04, 15.04 or 15.10 / Linux Mint 17.x and derivatives, use the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install audacious

Once installed, select Audacious from the Dash / menu to launch the GTK2 interface or "Audacious Qt Interface" for the Qt interface.