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Nemo 2.8.0 with Unity patches (and without Cinnamon dependencies) is available in the WebUpd8 Nemo PPA. With this update, the PPA now also supports the latest Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf).

Nemo 2.8.0 Unity

The latest Nemo 2.8.0 includes mostly minor enhancements, various bug fixes as well as a new extension:
  • new extension: Nemo Audio Tab (adds an audio tab to the Properties dialog);
  • combine the search bar and query editor (it's now similar to Nautilus);
  • show comments as tooltips for actions in the action configuration dialog;
  • the Nemo script and action paths are no longer hardcoded;
  • connect-to-server: remember the last connection type;
  • fixed segfault occuring when opening a saved search tree view in the list view;
  • fixed a bug where if the user first tries the SMB method, enters a domain, and then tries another method (e.g, ssh), the code would incorrectly prepend the domain to the username;
  • List View: fixed column sorting when default sort type is "Detailed type";
  • List View: fixed default sort order bug;
  • fixed a couple of drag-and-drop issues when there are no bookmarks, or when the xdg-bookmark area is empty.

Here's the new combined search bar and query editor:

Nemo 2.8.0 Unity

For comparison, this is how it looked before Nemo 2.8.0:

Nemo 2.8.0 Unity

For those not familiar with Nemo, this is the default Cinnamon (Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition) file manager, forked from Nautilus, and it has various extra features compared to recent Nautilus versions, such as an extra pane feature, unified and configurable toolbar, treeview sidebar option, built-in "Open as root" and "Open in termina" context menu options, a plugins manager and much more.

The packages in the WebUpd8 Nemo PPA are patched to remove Cinnamon dependencies, re-enable Nemo to handle the desktop, allow Nemo to use GNOME Control Center / Unity Control Center to change the desktop background and add Unity integration similar to Nautilus (quicklists, Unity Launcher progress bar support, etc.).

Update: After receiving multiple emails related to Nemo 2.8 which seems to crash often, I decided to downgrade the package in our PPA to version 2.6.7 for now.

Install Nemo with Unity patches in Ubuntu

For how to install Nemo with Unity patches in Ubuntu (15.10, 15.04 and 14.04) and optionally set it as your default file manager, see our initial article:
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