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PinguyBuilder is a script which allows creating a customized Live CD/Live USB (remaster) of Ubuntu or Linux Mint, that can be used either as a distributable ISO or as a backup.

The script is a fork of remastersys, created by the Pinguy OS developer and it's actually the tool used to build Pinguy OS.

PinguyBuilder allows creating a complete system backup (including user data) or a distributable ISO or filesystem and from its UI, it allows selecting a boot menu picture, Plymouth theme as well as the user whose settings will be used as default.

Other features include: EFI support (including EFI partition on ISO), offline install of grub-efi-amd64-signed (so it works with Linux Mint), MDM and GDM support and more.

The tool comes with a GTK user interface but it can also be used from the command line - simply run "sudo PinguyBuilder" and follow the instructions.

It's important to mention that you can't build an ISO larger than 4GB and you'll need GDebi to install PinguyBuilder or else the app may not start, according to its release notes (GDebi is no longer required).

Download PinguyBuilder

Version 3.x is for Ubuntu 14.04 and version 4.x is for Ubuntu 15.04+. For Ubuntu 15.10, you'll need to manually download and install xresprobe (download: 32bit | 64bit) because this package is not available in the official repositories any more.

Important note: remove remastersys before installing PinguyBuilder to avoid any incompatibility issues.

Make sure you read the FAQ on its download page before installing PinguyBuilder!

Thanks to Antoni for the tip!