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Terminator is terminal emulator which includes numerous useful features such as multiple terminals in the same window (split view), notifications, supports saving and restoring custom layouts and much more.

Terminator terminal emulator

More than two years after the previous release, Terminator 0.98 was released today, bringing a more polished tabs functionality, better layout saving/restoring, improved preferences UI and numerous bug fixes.

Changes in Terminator 0.98:
  • a layout launcher was added which allows easily switching between layouts (use Alt + L to open the new layout switcher);
  • a new manual was added (use F1 to launch it);
  • when saving, a layout now remembers the following:
  • *maximised and fullscreen status
  • * window titles
  • * which tab was active
  • * which terminal was active
  • * working directory for each terminal
  • added options for enabling/disabling non-homogenous tabs and scroll arrows;
  • added shortcuts for scrolling up/down by line/half-page/page;
  • added Ctrl+MouseWheel Zoom in/out and Shift+MouseWheel page scroll up/down;
  • added shortcuts for next/prev profile;
  • improved consistency of Custom Commands menu;
  • added shortcuts/code to toggle All/Tab grouping;
  • improved watcher plugin;
  • added search bar wrap toggle;
  • major cleanup and reorganisation of the preferences window, including a complete revamp of the global tab;
  • added option to set how long ActivityWatcher plugin is quiet for;
  • many other improvements and bug fixes

Revamped Global preferences tab, new Layout Switcher

A complete changelog for the latest Terminator 0.98 can be found HERE.

It's also worth mentioning that all the changes available in this release are also available in a separate GTK3 branch, which is not fully ready yet as there are some bugs that still need fixing.

Install Terminator in Ubuntu or Linux Mint

The latest Terminator 0.98 is not yet available in its official stable PPA. However, you can use the Terminator Nightly Builds PPA to install the latest Terminator from trunk (important: this means you may occasionally encounter bugs) in Ubuntu or Linux Mint. To add the PPA and install Terminator, use the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome-terminator/nightly
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install terminator
If you don't want to add the PPA, you can download the deb from HERE.

Note: the PPA version is 0.97+revision - the version number wasn't updated to 0.98 but it is the latest Terminator from trunk.

For other Linux distributions, download the latest Terminator source from Launchpad.