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Quick tip: If you're using the new Facebook Chat plugin for Pidgin, you may want to add support for Facebook's official emoticons, so here's how to do it.

To add Facebook (including secret) emoticons to Pidgin, you can use pidgin-EAP, a project which provides emoticon themes for most available protocols, including Facebook. The pack even contains some sound and buddy list themes.

To install pidgin-EAP emoticon themes in Linux, use the following commands in a terminal:
cd /tmp
wget https://github.com/Hernou/pidgin-EAP/archive/master.tar.gz
tar -xvf master.tar.gz
cp -rf pidgin-EAP-master/{.fonts,.purple} ~

Or, if you want to install it manually, go to the pidgin-EAP GitHub page, click "Download ZIP" on the right, extract the zip and copy its contents to your home directory (note that the zip contains two hidden ".fonts" and ".purple" folders so you'll have to use Ctrl + H in your file manager to see them).

For Windows, see the instructions available on GitHub.

Then, open Pidgin, from its menu select Tools > Preferences and on the Themes tab select "EAP" under "Smiley Theme":

This will use pidgin-EAP's custom smilies for all the protocols it supports. If you only want this for Faceook, select "Facebook" from the drop-down instead.