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Systemtray Unity Indicator, Sticky Notes Indicator and SysMonitor Indicator were updated recently. Read on to see what's new.

Systemtray Unity Indicator

Systemtray Unity Indicator

Systemtray Unity Indicator is a new Unity indicator which adds a system tray to the Unity panel, which we've covered recently. The app was updated today with a new option, requested by some of our readers: you can now change the tray icons background.

To be able to access the background options, you'll need to put the indicator in the "static" mode (static mode = the tray icons are displayed on the same raw as the indicators) by middle clicking it and then, clicking on the Systemtray Unity indicator, you can access the background settings for both the static and the floating mode, as you can see in the screenshot above.

Sticky Notes Indicator

Sticky Notes Indicator

StickyNotes Indicator is a simple appindicator which can be used to place post-it (sticky) notes on your desktop.

The app was updated today with two bug fixes, the first one being pretty important:
  • fixed show desktop issue (until now, using "show desktop" via Unity Launcher / Alt-Tab caused the notes to disappear and they wouldn't show up again until the app was restarted);
  • don't show notes in Unity Window Spread.

SysMonitor Indicator

sysmonitor indicator

SysMonitor Indicator is an Ubuntu AppIndicator that can display the CPU, memory, swap, filesystem and network usage as values on the panel.

Te latest SysMonitor Indicator 0.7, released recently, adds two new "sensors":
  • upordown - it displays a happy / sad face depending on the Internet connection status (up or down);
  • publicip - it displays your public IP address;
  • the CPU sensor was updated and it now allows you to see the average CPU percentage (use "{cpu}" in the settings) as well as the ability to display individual core usage (use "{cpu1}", "{cpu2}", etc.).

More information about Sysmonitor Indicator and installation instructions (the article includes instructions for getting bash scripts output on the panel via this indicator - most of the examples included in that article are now incorporated in Sysmonitor Indicator but I won't remove them because you can use the examples as a base for other use cases).

Sysmonitor Indicator changelog via xpressubuntu