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Syncthing GTK 0.6 was released recently, bringing Nautilus, Nemo and Caja integration.

Syncthing GTK is a GTK3 & Python GUI for Syncthing, which includes a tray icon / Ubuntu AppIndicator. The app adds extra features on top of Syncthing, like filesystem watching and instant synchronization using inotify, system notifications for file updates and Syncthing errors, an auto-updater for the Syncthing daemon binary, speed throttling options and more.

Syncthing GTK 0.6

In case you're not familiar with Syncthing, this is a cross-platform peer-to-peer file synchronization client/server application written in Go, similar to BitTorrent Sync. It can be used to synchronize files between computers however, unlike BitTorrent Sync, Syncthing is open source. More info in our Syncthing article.

The latest Syncthing GTK 0.6 adds support for Identicons, bug fixes, as well as a much requested feature: file manager integration and for now, this supports Nautilus, Nemo and Caja. This includes emblems (for states like syncing/online/offline/error) and a context menu option to synchronize or stop synchronizing a folder with Syncthing:

Nautilus with Syncthing integration - emblems

Nemo with Syncthing integration - context menu

To enable this option (firstly install Syncthing GTK, obviously - see below) you must install the python bindings for the file manager you want to use:

- Nautilus:
sudo apt-get install python-nautilus gir1.2-nautilus-3.0
- Nemo:
sudo apt-get install python-nemo gir1.2-nemo-3.0
- Caja:
sudo apt-get install python-caja gir1.2-caja

Note: for Nemo, if the Syncthing integration doesn't work, use THIS (step 4 only) fix to get this to work.

Then, from the Syncthing GTK "UI Settings", on the "Integration" tab, select your file manager:

And finally, restart the file manger:

- Nautilus:
nautilus -q
- Nemo:
nemo -q
- Caja:
caja -q

Install Syncthing GTK

Syncthing GTK is available in the main WebUpd8 PPA, for Ubuntu 15.04, 14.10 and 14.04 as well as Linux Mint 17.1 and 17. To add the PPA and install it, use the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install syncthing-gtk
Or, if you don't want to add the PPA, grab the Syncthing GTK deb from HERE.

Unfortunately, Syncthing GTK doesn't work properly under Ubuntu 12.04, that's why our PPA doesn't provide packages for this Ubuntu version.

Arch Linux users can install Syncthing GTK via the Community repo or the latest Git via AUR.

For Fedora and openSUSE, you can use the official Syncthing GTK OpenSUSE Build Service repository.

To download the Syncthing GTK source code, download Windows binaries, bug reports and so on, visit the Syncthing GTK GitHub page.