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ownCloud, a free software alternative to proprietary web services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and others that you can install on your own server, has reached version 8.0.0.

owncloud 8

For those not familiar with ownCloud, this is a tool that you can install on your server (there are also desktop and mobile sync clients) which comes with a web interface that provides access to file management, calendars, tasks, image gallery, music player, document viewer and more.

It features file, contacts and calendar sync, option to quickly share files, calendars and so on, file versioning, collaborative editing and support for external storage (with optional data encryption) so you can mount Dropbox, Swift, FTPs, GoogleDrive, S3 and external WebDAV servers from ownCloud. More info.

ownCloud 8.0.0 includes some very interesting changes like favorites support, various performance and usability improvements and more. Here's a list of the most important changes in ownCloud 8.0.0:
  • improved Federated Cloud sharing, allowing users to share files by directly referring to users on other ownCloud servers and introducing notifications and user interface improvements to the sharing process;
  • support for favorites - you can now add files to your favorites, so you can find them easier;
  • the search has been improved significantly;
  • usability improvements:
    • new sidebar in administrator settings which makes it easier to find the settings you're looking for;
    • overhauled the settings for apps: the sidebar displays enabled and disabled apps separately, apps now feature ratings and are categorized, etc.;
  • updated PDF viewer (PDF.js);
  • admins can now edit email addresses for system users, sort users, select multiple users at once, rename groups and more;
  • LDAP improvements including LDAP user cleanup;
  • The provisioning API, that has been limited to the Enterprise Edition, is now available to the community as an open source app;
  • the app container can now automatically resolve dependencies;
  • various other improvements to both its functionality and design.

A complete list of changes in the latest ownCloud 8.0.0 can be found HERE.

Below you'll find screenshots with some of these changes:

owncloud 8

owncloud 8

owncloud 8

owncloud 8

Install / Download ownCloud

Before installing ownCloud, you can try an online demo available @ http://demo.owncloud.org/

CentOS, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, SLE and Ubuntu users can install ownCloud by using its official openSUSE Build System repository: server | desktop client.

Download ownCloud (server and/or desktop sync client)

info and last screenshot via ownCloud.org