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If you're using Viber under Unity (without a custom Unity build that brings the systray back), you've probably noticed the floating Viber icon which is displayed above maximized window controls:

viber top left icon Ubuntu bug
Floating Viber icon bug

This floating Viber icon issue finally has a fix, thanks to karas84's Viber Wrapper Indicator. This is an Ubuntu AppIndicator which acts as a wrapper for Viber, hiding the top left Viber icon and adding a proper Unity AppIndicator for Viber, which provides the same functionality as the original icon:

Viber Ubuntu Indicator
Viber Indicator: instead of a floating Viber icon (top left), Viber now uses an Ubuntu AppIndicator

Viber is automatically launched when you start Viber Wrapper Indicator and also, selecting "Quit" from the indicator menu quits both Viber Wrapper Indicator and Viber. That's why I've packaged  it like an application and to use it, simply launch Viber Indicator from the Dash / menu, instead of launching Viber itself.

The indicator is very basic (but then again, so is the original tray icon), with just two menu items: Open Viber and Exit. However, the "Open" menu item is pretty important because when you close the Viber window, Viber is actually hidden (to tray/indicator) so to make it show up again, you need to select "Open" from the indicator menu (you can also simply re-launch Viber but this makes it easier). Also, the indicator icon should indicate new conversations, but I didn't test this.

Viber Wrapper Indicator ships with the original Viber icon for the indicator, but to get it to integrate better with the default Ubuntu theme, I've modified it to use a monochrome icon. The icon isn't exactly great, so if you can create a better one, please post a comment with your icon and I'll replace the current icon.

Install Viber Wrapper Indicator in Ubuntu (64bit only)

Note: because Viber itself is only available for 64bit on Linux, the Viber Wrapper Indicator package is also available for 64bit only, to avoid any confusion.

Before installing Viber Wrapper Indicator, firstly download and install Viber.

You can install Viber Wrapper Indicator in Ubuntu by using the main WebUpd8 PPA:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install viberwrapper-indicator
If you don't want to add the PPA, you can download the Viber Wrapper Indicator deb from HERE or grab the source from GitHub.

To use it, simply launch "Viber Indicator" from the Dash / menu instead of launching the original Viber application (make sure Viber is not already running).

If you encounter bugs, report them @ GitHub.