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Yarock 1.0.0 was released recently, getting an updated design with new icons, advanced library search and other interesting changes.

For those not familiar with Yarock, this is a Qt4 music player "designed to provide an easy and pretty music collection browser based on cover art".

The player provides multiple views such as artists, albums, tracks, genre, years and so on, all based on cover art and it includes features such as: music collection database (SQLite 3), playlists support, can play radio streams, Mp3Gain tag support for volume normalization, Last.fm scrobbler, command line and Mpris interfaces, smart playlists, favorites support, automatically downloads cover art and more. Also, the player includes a radio browser which supports Tunein, Shoutcast and Dribble.

The latest Yarock 1.0.0 ships with a updated, cleaner design, a new application icon as well as new UI icons:


Another interesting change in Yarock 1.0.0 is the addition of an advanced library search which lets you select the fields to search (artist, album, title, etc.):

Yarock advanced search

Also, Yarock 1.0.0 includes improved ratings: the ratings are now saved to file and the playqueue widget has received support for adding star ratings.

Other changes in Yarock 1.0.0:
  • added support for artists images (new view, download artists images)
  • added album cover for playqueue widget;
  • added support for editing multiple tracks in the same time;
  • rewritten now playing widget;
  • improved browser view multiple selection with SHIFT key;
  • improved artist/album/track tag editing;
  • support more scalable ui items;
  • various improvements for the file dialog;
  • improved file system view performance;
  • fixed "open with" yarock from KDE menu;
  • fixed restoring playqueue at startup;
  • fixed translation installation path;
  • fixed rating mp3 tag reading.

Install Yarock in Ubuntu

Ubuntu / Linux Mint users can install Yarock by using an unofficial PPA. Add the PPA and install it by using the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:samrog131/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install yarock
If you don't want to add the PPA, you can download the Yarock deb from HERE and install it manually.

Arch Linux users can install Yarock via AUR.

For other Linux distributions, see the Yarock Qt Apps page.