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Update: Ubuntu Developer Tools Center has been renamed to Ubuntu Make.

Ubuntu Developer Tools Center (UDTC) 0.1 was released today and it includes support for Eclipse as a standalone IDE, Android ADT support (through Eclipse) and more. 

Ubuntu Developer Tools Center Eclipse

A couple of months ago, Canonical released Ubuntu Developer Tools Center (UDTC), a project to "enable quick and easy setup of common developers needs on Ubuntu". Using it, you can easily install Android Studio and the Android SDK in Ubuntu and, with the latest version, Eclipse and Android ADT (for Eclipse).

In the release announcement, Didier Roche, Software Engineer at Canonical, mentioned that for now, Canonical is focusing on Android developers, but more will follow, like Go developers, web developers, Dart and more.

Changes in Ubuntu Developer Tools Center 0.1:
  • added Eclipse support as a standalone IDE. Usage: udtc ide eclipse;
  • added Android ADT support (through Eclipse). Usage: udtc android eclipse-adt;
  • adb and other Android tools are now added to user path while installing an Android framework;
  • UDTC now supports framework removal. If you installed a framework and want to remove it, just use: udtc android android-studio --remove;
  • enabled loading of local framework. They are controlled by UDTC_FRAMEWORKS env variable which can point to any path containing local frameworks;
  • added support for reinstallation in different folder than the origin one, cleaning the original directory;
  • DownloadCenter now support redirections;
  • added support for decompressing zip files in Decompressor;
  • new and refresh translations: de, en_AU, en_CA, en_GB, es, eu, fr, hr, it, pl, ru, te, zh_CN, zh_HK;
  • improved i18n support;
  • protect against mistyping with multiple frameworks;
  • framework support refactoring to avoid code duplication;
  • tests fixes and refactoring for better scalability;
  • fixed logging support during test runs;
  • reshape docker files to have fewer layers;
  • don't raise any Exception for unexpected CLI args.

Install Ubuntu Developer Tools Center

The latest Ubuntu Developer Tools Center 0.1 is available in the Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet repositories. 

For Ubuntu 14.10 and 14.04, you can install the latest Ubuntu Developer Tools Center by using a PPA:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:didrocks/ubuntu-developer-tools-center
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-developer-tools-center

That's it. You can now use UDTC to install Android Studio, Eclipse and add Android adt support (through eclipse).

Install Android Studio by using the following command:
udtc android
Then, choose the installation path (or use the default path), accept the license ("a") and UDTC will do the rest, installing Android Studio and Android SDK. UDTC will even add Android Studio to the Unity Launcher.

Update: the latest Android Studio doesn't ship the sdk with it anymore so for now you'll have to download it manually. Hopefully future UDTC versions will have a solution for this.

To install Eclipse (Eclipse Luna 4.4 at the time I'm writing this article), simply use the command below:
udtc ide eclipse
After installing it (just like with Android Studio), UDTC will add Eclipse to the Unity Launcher.

For Android ADT support (through Eclipse), use the following command:
udtc android eclipse-adt

If you want to remove a framework, simply append "--remove" to the commands above. For example, to remove Eclipse, use the following command:
udtc ide eclipse --remove

If you want to help with the Ubuntu Developer Tools Center development, report bugs, etc., check out its GitHub page.