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The development codename of an Ubuntu release takes the form "Adjective Animal". Initially these weren't in alphabetic order - until Dapper DRAKE (6.06).

Vivid Vervet

Mark Shuttleworth has announced the codename for the next Ubuntu release (15.04): Vivid Vervet:

"Vexatious at times, volant and vogie at others, a vervet gets in anywhere and delights in teasing cats and dogs alike. As the upstart monkey in this business I can think of no better mascot. And so let’s launch our vicenary cycle, our verist varlet, the Vivid Vervet!"

Read Mark's full Vivid Vervet announcement HERE.

According to Wikipedia, the vervet is a monkey native to Africa, which was introduced in the US, Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, among others. 

Vervets live in social groups ranging from 10 to 70 individuals, they have black faces and grey body hair color and "they have been noted for having human-like characteristics, such as hypertension, anxiety, and social and dependent alcohol use".

Up next: Ubuntu 15.10 W W. Will it be Wild Wolf? Or maybe Wiggly Wombat? Wise Walrus? We'll find out in 6 months. For a list of codenames used in previous Ubuntu versions and upcoming release suggestions, see THIS page.

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image via Wikipedia