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Pithos 1.0.1 was released recently and it includes some minor improvements and bug fixes - for instance, the bug that was causing the Ubuntu Sound Menu to stop working when using Pithos was fixed in this release.

Pithos Pandora client

For those not familiar with Pithos, this is a simple Pandora.com client which includes features such as:
  • cover art;
  • thumbs up / thumbs down / tired of this song options;
  • allows switching between Pandora stations;
  • allows editing QuickMix and creating stations;
  • desktop integration: Ubuntu AppIndicator, notifications, MPRIS v2 support - so Pithos integrates with the Ubuntu Sound Menu / GNOME Shell Mediaplayer extension;
  • media keys support;
  • proxy support;
  • last.fm scrobbling.

Pandora is a music streaming and recommendation service that's only available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. You can use it in any other country with an US proxy, VPN, a DNS service or with Tor and SelekTOR.

Changes in Pithos 1.0.1:
  • Automatically install missing codecs if supported;
  • Save window position between sessions;
  • Fix saving last station on quit;
  • Fix pacparser support;
  • Improve pandora module docs;
  • Add setup.py command to build docs;
  • Add appdata file;
  • notification_icon: Make toggling visibility more reliable;
  • mpris: Fix exception when querying position;
  • mpris: Implement setting volume;
  • screensaver_pause: Improve Unity support;
  • OSX: mediakeys and notify support.

Install Pithos in Ubuntu 14.04 or 14.10 / Linux Mint 17

Pithos is available in the official Ubuntu repositories, but that's a pretty old version. To install the latest Pithos in Ubuntu 14.04 or 14.10 / Linux Mint 17, you can use the official Pithos PPA:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pithos/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pithos

Arch Linux users can install Pithos via AUR.

For other Linux distributions, see the install section from the Pithos homepage (the app should also work on Windows and Mac, but there are no binaries for now).

Report any bugs you may find @ GitHub.