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A couple of days ago we wrote about the new MEGA Linux desktop client (MEGASync), which consists on two parts: a tray / appindicator application and a Nautilus extension and unfortunately, they didn't release a Nemo extension, even though the code is pretty much the same as for the Nautilus extension.

Well, the MEGAsync source was briefly available for download so I decided to convert the Nautilus extension to Nemo and package it as a deb so both Ubuntu 14.04 (and newer) users who use Nemo with Unity patches as well as Linux Mint 17.x (Cinnamon) users can use it easily.

The MEGAsync Nemo file manager extension lets you see the sync status of your MEGA folder (using emblems) and also, it can be used to copy a file share link or upload a file outside your MEGA folder to MEGA.co.nz.

Here are a couple of screenshots with the MEGAsync Nemo extension:

  • you can't install both the MEGAsync Nautilus and Nemo extensions in the same time. Installing the MEGAsync Nemo extension will automatically remove the Nautilus extension!
  • the MEGAsync Nemo extension depends on the main MEGAsync for Linux app so firstly install that before installing the Nemo extension.

Download MEGAsync Nemo file manager extension

Since MEGAsync is freeware, I couldn't upload the package to the WebUpd8 Nemo PPA. However, you can download it using the links below (it only works with Ubuntu 14.04 and newer / Linux Mint 17.x!):

Once installed, restart Nemo (you'll be prompted to do this after installing the package, but it can fail sometimes):
nemo -q
That's it.