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Pushbullet Indicator was updated today with a cool new feature: it now partially supports Pushbullet's recent universal copy & paste feature.

Pushbullet Universal copy paste

Universal Copy & Paste allows you to copy a link or some text from a device and paste it on another device. For now, this feature only works one way with Pushbullet Indicator: you can copy a link or some text on your Android device and then paste it on your Ubuntu desktop, but it doesn't work the other way around, because the Pushbullet API doesn't allow this for now. 

Note: this feature currently only works with Android but the Pushbullet devs are working on getting it on iOS too.

Pushbullet Ubuntu indicator

For those not familiar with Pushbullet, this is a service that lets you easily send files, links, notes, lists, etc. from your iOS or Android device to your desktop or the other way around.  It can be used via Chrome / Firefox extensions and for Windows there's also a desktop app. Because there was no native Linux app, Lorenzo from Atareao.es created an Ubuntu AppIndicator (and a Nautilus / Nemo extension as a companion for the AppIndicator) to easily use Pushbullet in Ubuntu. 

Besides sending stuff from your mobile device to your desktop and the other way around, about 2 months ago, the indicator also got support for notification mirroring (Android only for now).

Install Pushbullet Indicator in Ubuntu 14.04 or Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon

Before proceeding, firstly install Pushbullet on your Android or iOS device.

Pushbullet Indicator is available in the Atareao PPA for Ubuntu 14.04 and derivatives or Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon (doesn't work with Linux Mint 17 MATE). Add the PPA and install the indicator using the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pushbullet-indicator

Once installed, run Pushbullet Indicator and its settings window will open - set the "Allow access to PushBullet" slider to ON and authenticate with Pushbullet, and your mobile device(s) should show up in the PushBullet Indicator menu. Note that Pushbullet Indicator will ask you to enter the device name - this is the name of your Ubuntu device (e.g. "Ubuntu Desktop"), not the mobile device name.

The PPA also provides Nautilus and Nemo extensions for Pushbullet (which you can use to send files directly from Nautilus or Nemo to your mobile device). Install them using the following commands:
- for Nautilus:
sudo apt-get install nautilus-pushbullet
nautilus -q
- for Nemo:
sudo apt-get install nemo-pushbullet
nemo -q

  • Pushbullet Indicator and the Pushbullet Nautilus and Nemo extensions must be authenticated separately;
  • after adding a new device, you may need to restart the indicator (select "Quit" from the indicator menu and then start it again from the menu / Dash) / Nautilus (to restart Nautilus, type "nautilus -q" in a terminal) / Nemo (to restart Nemo, type "nemo -q" in a terminal).