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Opera 25 beta was released today and besides new graphical bookmarks and an improved Speed Dial, it finally supports Linux (for now, there are only 64bit debs available for download). This is the first Opera beta (previously known as Opera Next) release available for Linux since version 12.16, which was released more than a year ago.

Opera 25 Linux

Opera for Linux wasn't updated since version 12.16 (July 2013), until June this year, when the Opera developers released Opera for Linux on the Developer stream. But Linux wasn't included in the Opera beta channel until today - that's because the Opera developers didn't feel it reached the quality they wanted from their products until now.

Besides Linux support, the latest Opera 25 beta includes various changes such as:
  • graphical bookmarks;
  • improved Speed Dial which now uses Coast-style tiles instead of screenshots;
  • integrated PDF viewer;
  • web notifications (supported on Windows and Mac only for now);
  • support for H.264 and MP3 (on Linux, it requires ffmpeg 3.2 or newer).

Here are a few of screenshots with some of these changes:

Opera 25 Linux

Opera 25 Linux

Opera 25 Linux

For those who haven't kept an eye on the Opera development, it's worth mentioning that the web browser now uses the Blink engine and comes with features such as Discover (shows news and other articles in various categories, somewhat like Stumbleupon), tab previews on mouse over and more.

Download Opera Beta

Download Opera 25 Beta (for Windows, Mac and Linux - 64bit debs only for now)

To get the latest Opera features before they are promoted to the Beta Channel, you can use Opera Developer instead.

Arch Linux users can install Opera 25 beta via AUR.