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Pipelight is a wrapper for Windows NPAPI plugins such as Silverlight, Widevine or Flash (the Windows version) which allows you to use these plugins in native Linux web browsers and thus, use services that aren't officially supported on Linux, such as Netflix (Silverlight), HBO Go (Widevine) and so on.

Pipelight was updated to version 0.2.7 yesterday, bringing quite a few enhancements and bug fixes, such as a tool to check the system configuration and find issues that might cause Pipelight to fail, GPU acceleration for AMD graphics is now enabled by default for Silverlight and more.

Pipelight Silverlight Widevine Unity3D

Changes in Pipelight 0.2.7:
  • improved performance on AMD graphic cards as GPU acceleration is now enabled by default for Silverlight (on 64bit, you'll need the 32bit graphic driver files installed);
  • allow changing strict draw ordering at runtime via context menu;
  • new tool to check your system configuration for common issue (the tool checks if you have the correct graphic driver files, the fonts required by Silverlight, working ACLs / xattr and whether Wine can find all necessary libraries);
  • Firefox now correctly detects the Flash version string and it is no longer necessary to disable the regular Linux version of Flash as Firefox recognizes that the one provided by Pipelight has a higher version number;
  • fixed the latest Unity WebPlayer;
  • fixed crash caused by multiple running instances of a plugin;
  • updated plugins: Flash to, Shockwave to, Unity3D, Adobereader, FoxitReader and Roblox plugin;
  • a new experimental plugin called TrianglePlayer was added (the plugin is used to play the online game "The Lost Titans" - note that the Pipelight TrianglePlayer plugin is experimental and also, the plugin itself seems to contain some bugs).
A complete Pipelight 0.2.7 changelog can be found HERE.

To use the new system check tool, after installing Pipelight, use the following command:
pipelight-plugin --system-check

Some information about common issues can be found HERE.

For how to install Pipelight in Ubuntu and set up various plugins, see THIS article. For ther Linux distributions, check out the Pipelight installation instructions.

Important: starting with version 35, Google Chrome no longer supports NPAPI plugins so Pipelight won't work!