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My Weather Indicator, an Ubuntu AppIndicator for displaying the current weather on the panel, was updated to version 0.6.8 today, receiving numerous bug fixes as well as a few other changes.

my weather indicator ubuntu
My Weather Indicator and one of its optional desktop widgets

If you're not familiar with My Weather Indicator, here's a quick list of its main features:
  • displays current temperature, humidity, wind, sunrise, sunset, etc. in the indicator menu;
  • supports the following weather services APIs: Open Weather Map, Yahoo!, Wunderground and World Weather Online (the last two require an API which you can obtain by registering on the corresponding website);
  • weather forecast;
  • multiple locations support;
  • optional notifications support;
  • supports imperial and metric units;
  • if you need more than just an AppIndicator, My Weather Indicator can also display (optional) various weather widgets on your desktop (the current version comes with 8 different widgets).

With the latest My Weather Indicator 0.6.8, the desktop widgets are easier to move and pin behavior is now correct  - in case you weren't aware of this, there's a pin in the top left corner on the widgets, displayed on mouse over, which you can click to allow the widget to be moved or to lock/pin it:

my weather indicator ubuntu

Also, you can now select if you want the desktop widgets to be displayed on the current desktop or all desktops.

Another change available in the latest My Weather Indicator is that the preferences and forecast windows are smaller, useful for small screens:

my weather indicator ubuntu

my weather indicator ubuntu

In addition to these changes, My Weather Indicator 0.6.8 also comes with quite a few bug fixes:
  • weather applet crashes frequently in 14.04;
  • crash w/ coredump on first run in some cases;
  • my-weather-indicator blocks suspend / standby on Ubuntu 14.04 in some cases;
  • crash with OpenWeatherMap;
  • Forecast not fitting on 1024X600 screen;
  • characters outside of the widget;
  • weather applet crashed on login if there is no connection;
  • get_dew_point raises unhandled ValueError with negative humidity;
  • widgets close when reducing all windows;
  • font characters in widget showing as squares in some cases;
  • added support for Vietnamese font;
  • local time incorrect when 24 hr format used as system time;
  • Evolution crashes with yahoo service;
  • Yahoo weather service always showing forecast conditions the same as current;
  • Shows all day sunrise as all day sunset;
  • wrong time in Dawn/Sunrise/Sunset/Dusk (i.e. "20:60");
  • weather doesn't update in some cases;
  • second weather location displays wrong time by -2Hrs;
  • no forecast data for the next 4 days from Yahoo;
  • current weather symbol for the secondary location is wrong;
  • evolution only on Second Location and not working properly;
  • occasional HTTP 503 errors causes applet to stop updating;
  • time not synchronized from widget to PC;
  • weather applet doesn't start in some cases;
  • second location missing from panel after reboot;
  • incorrect icons: daytime ones displayed at night;
  • day/night time weather icon problem for the second location;
  • auto location not working at all;
  • My-weather-indicator crashes on Ubuntu 13.10 in some cases;
  • crash on startup after changing weather source;
  • wrong Sunrise and Sunset time;
  • more.

Install My Weather Indicator in Ubuntu

To install My Weather Indicator in Ubuntu, you'll need to add the Atareao PPA. Simply copy/paste the following commands to add the PPA and install My Weather Indicator in Ubuntu and derivatives:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install my-weather-indicator python3-requests

Once installed, launch My Weather Indicator from the menu / Dash. Note that the app (indicator) doesn't start automatically on login by default - to set it to start automatically, open its preferences and on the "General options" tab, check the Autostart checkbox.

If you want to download the source code, see THIS page.

Report any bugs you may find @ Launchpad.

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