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DroidCam is a tool which lets you use an Android device as a wireless webcam that can be used from your desktop (Linux or Windows) to chat on Skype, Google+ and so on.

DroidCam Ubuntu
Skype for Linux webcam set to DroidCam on my Ubuntu 14.04 laptop

DroidCam features:
  • Chat using "DroidCam Webcam" on your computer, including Sound and Picture;
  • Connect over Wifi, Bluetooth or USB cable;
  • Simple and efficient: designed to save battery and space as much as possible.

DroidCam is free to use but if you want extra features / enhancements, like high-resolution video support, Surveillance/IP Camera/Monitoring MJPEG access, camera controls like flash, auto focus, zoom and so on, you must buy DroidCamX.

DroidCam Ubuntu

Because installing the DroidCam desktop client under Linux requires running a script, manually downloading each update, etc., +Paolo Rotolo has created a PPA so you can easily install (and stay up to date with the latest versions) DroidCam in Ubuntu / Linux Mint and derivatives.

Install DroidCam in Ubuntu / Linux Mint via PPA

Before installing the desktop client, firstly install the Android app: DroidCam (free) or DroidCamX (paid, with extra features - see above).

To add Paolo's DroidCam PPA and install the application in Ubuntu or Linux Mint, use the commands below:
sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r)
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:paolorotolo/droidcam
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install droidcam

To use it, launch DroidCam on your Android device, then from the menu / Dash launch the DroidCam client on your desktop, select how you want it to connect to your Android device (WiFi / LAN, Wifi Server Mode, Bluetooth, USB), enter the phone IP if you're connecting via WiFi, and click Connect.

Those of you who prefer installing the DroidCam Linux client manually can follow the instructions from HERE.

If you encounter bugs related to the DroidCam Linux client packaging, report them HERE.