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Copy.com is not new, but its Ubuntu indicator didn't work properly. Recently, it was fixed so I've decided to finally write about Copy.

Copy is a cloud-based file storage, sync and sharing platform, similar to Dropbox or Google Drive, which has clients available for Linux (including Raspberry Pi), Windows, Mac OS X as well as iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

The service offers 15 GB of free cloud space or you can get a pro account:
  • $9.99 per month or $99 pe year for 250 GB
  • $14.99 per month or $149 per year for 500 GB

It's also important to mention that by inviting someone to Copy, both you and the person you introduced to copy will get an extra 5GB of storage space, with no limit on the total extra space you can earn.

Other Copy features:
  • desktop notifications, file manager integration;
  • there are no file size limits: you can upload 1080p videos, raw photos and so on;
  • you can select which file/folder to be synced on a specific computer;
  • Fair Storage - split your storage use for shared files. For example, a 20 GB folder synced between 4 people only counts as 5 GB per person;
  • Copy is also available for companies (it's free for up to 5 users), more details HERE;

As for its security, the Copy documentation mentions that:

"[...] during transfer and while stored on Barracuda's enterprise-class cloud storage, your data is protected by multiple layers of encryption, including top-secret grade AES-256. Advanced features like secure sharing, source validation, and identity verification help guarantee that your files can only be seen by the people that you want to share with".

Install the Copy Linux desktop app in Ubuntu via PPA

Because the Copy Linux desktop client is available as an archive and not as deb, +Paolo Rotolo maintains a Copy PPA for Ubuntu / Linux Mint users so you can easily install and stay up to date with the latest Copy versions. Add the PPA and install Copy using the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:paolorotolo/copy
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install copy

If you're not using Ubuntu / Linux Mint and derivatives or you don't want to use the PPA, grab the Copy client from its website. To run it under Linux, extract the downloaded archive and double click the "CopyAgent" executable.

Once you've installed the Copy client by using the commands above, you may also want to install the Copy Overlay, which provides a Nautilus and Caja (the default MATE file manager) context menu for Copy actions like View On Copy Website, Send Public Link, Copy Public Link, Share (a folder) and History (I assume this is also for adding Nautilus / Caja sync status icon emblems but this didn't work in my test under Ubuntu 14.04 and 13.10). Install the Copy overlay using the following command:
sudo /opt/copy-client/CopyAgent -installOverlay

And restart Nautilus or Caja:

- Nautilus:
nautilus -q
- Caja:
caja -q

Note: The Copy.com links in this article use referral links from users who posted their link in the comments below, so if you use it to sign up for Copy, you'll get an extra 5 GB of storage space (and so will them). Post your Copy.com referral link in the comments below and I'll rotate the links in this article with yours (randomly) so you'll get some extra storage space for free. Right now, the article uses Barrada Nicto's referral link.