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DockBarX is a lightweight taskbar / panel replacement for Linux which works a stand-alone dock (called DockX), as an an Avant Window Navigator applet or as a Xfce4 panel applet.


DockBarX was updated to version 0.91 today, which includes various bug fixes as well as a new battery applet. Here's the complete DockBarX 0.91 changelog:
  • DockbarX should now be able to handle situations where there are too many open applications to show them all in dockbarx.
  • Battery applet added for DockX;
  • Bug #652386 and Bug #1120940: DockbarX no longer freeze when there are more windows open than can fit into the window list;
  • Bug #1314868: A graphical glitch fixed. Icons no longer have junk pixels around them;
  • Code cleanups and possibly also some speedups;
  • Other small fixes.

For those not familiar with DockBarX / DockX, here's a quick list of features:
  • pin applications to the taskbar;
  • quick access to recent, related and most used documents with the help of Zeitgeist;
  • Unity quicklists, badges and progress bars support;
  • DockManager support (so you can use Docky helpers in DockBarX);
  • Media buttons support (play/pause, etc.);
  • Highly configurable, both in appearance and functionality (keyboard shortcuts, etc.);
  • DockX (DockBarX as a stand-alone dock) can be positioned anywhere on the screen, comes with autohide, dodge active window or all windows, can be resized, supports plugins (AppIndicators - doesn't work in GNOME Shell, Cardapio, volume control, clock and namebar - adds window title and buttons to DockX) and more.

Below you can check out a few DockbarX (/Dockx) screenshots:

DockBarX running as an AWN plugin - for how to install AWN in Ubuntu 13.10 or 14.04, see THIS article

DockBarX Xfce panel plugin

The recently added battery indicator

AppIndicators in DockX

Media controls

Install DockBarX 0.91 in Ubuntu

To add the main DockBarX PPA and install the application in Ubuntu (and derivatives), use the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dockbar-main/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install dockbarx

Update: the DockBarX Xfce Panel plugin 0.3 was released with support for the latest DockBarX 0.91. For how to install and use the DockBarX Xfce panel plugin, see THIS article.

If you encounter bugs, report them @ Launchpad.