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Quick news update for Audacious (audio player) fans: it looks like the Audacious developers aren't very happy with all the changes happening in GTK3 lately and they've decided to switch back to GTK2 starting with the next major release (3.6).

Old Audacious version (2.3) - GTK2 interface

The change was made because certain design choices [1] in recent releases of GTK3 have made it increasingly difficult to write a "traditional" PC / desktop program using the toolkit.

[1] A few examples of non-traditional design choices: monochrome icons (or none at all), client-side window decorations, and message windows mimicking Android.

In a recent forum post, John Lindgren, Audacious Manager and Developer, notes that the long-term goal is to switch to Qt however, the GTK+ interfaces need to remain stable in the meantime and "going back to GTK2 appears to be the only way to achieve this".

According to John, for the 3.6 release, the devs might provide separate GTK2 and GTK3 tarballs if there's enough interest though.

As you probably know, I maintain unofficial Audacious packages for Ubuntu (because the repositories usually don't provide the latest version). So, if there will be both GTK3 and GTK2 tarballs for the upcoming Audacious versions, which one would you prefer to install from the PPA?

Thanks to N. W. for the tip!