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Spotify is a music streaming service that comes with native clients for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux as well as mobile devices such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, etc. 

The service is available in quite a few countries, including US, UK, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Netherlands and more - see the Spotify Geographic availability @ Wikipedia.

Spotify 0.9.10 linux

The native Spotify Linux client was updated to version 0.9.10 recently, which introduces a new darker theme, refreshed typography and rounded iconography. There are also some Linux-specific changes:
  • Track change notifications via libnotify;
  • OpenSSL is now version 1.0.x;
  • Local files playback works with libavcodec54;

Unfortunately, the new 0.9.10 release is only available for 64bit, at least for now. There are some issues too - for instance, it doesn't work to drag from an HTML5 view to a legacy view (such as the sidebar).

Also, some users have reported issues with the track change notifications - if you're experiencing such problems, open a terminal and start the Spotify Linux client using the following command:
spotify --ui.track_notifications_enabled=false

Install Spotify In Ubuntu via PPA [version 0.9.10 is only available on 64bit for now!]

To add the official Spotify Ubuntu repository and install the native Spotify Linux (Qt) client, use the following commands:
sudo sh -c 'echo "deb http://repository.spotify.com/ stable non-free" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/spotify.list'
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 94558F59
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install spotify-client
(an older Spotify version is available for 32bit)

For other Linux distributions, see the installation instructions from HERE. (note that the repository line from those instructions is not correct and will cause apt-get to fail on Ubuntu - use the above instructions instead if you use Ubuntu)

It's also worth mentioning that the Spotify Ambiance theme (and any other custom theme for that matter) doesn't work with the latest Spotify Linux client.

info via Spotify