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Many of you are probably already familiar with the Moka Project but, since I never covered it, and the project has evolved a lot recently, I though I'd write an article about it now.

Stark Ceru GTK theme / Faba Ceru icon theme in Unity (Ubuntu 14.04)

Moka started as a single icon theme but it has evolved into an entire project which includes multiple GTK and icon themes for the Linux desktop as well as icon themes for Android, all designed / developed by +Sam Hewitt.

Currently, the Moka Project consists of 3 beautiful GTK themes (Moka, Orchis and Stark) and 3 icon themes (Moka, Faba and Faba Colors) for Linux desktops, accompanied by a GNOME Shell and a Plank theme.

Here are a few screenshots with some of the GTK / icon themes included in the Moka Project:

Moka Icon Theme

Faba Colors

To allow you to choose from 6 different folder colors, there's a supplementary theme to Faba called Faba Colors (along with Faba Light/Dark) which you can see above. Faba Color matches the Stark GTK theme, which is available in the same color variations:

Stark GTK theme

Below you can see some of the Moka Project GTK / icon themes in action:

Orchis GTK theme / Moka icon theme in GNOME Shell

Orchis GTK theme / Faba Roja icon theme in Unity

Moka GTK theme / Faba Viol icon theme in Unity

Moka GTK3

Orchis GTK3

Stark Lutu GTK3

Stark Roja GTK3

Stark Verd GTK3

Moka GNOME Shell theme

It's also worth mentioning that according to Sam Hewitt, Orchis is the main project GTK theme, and not Moka, as you would expect. Moka GTK theme is still maintained though.

Download the Moka Project GTK / icon themes

All the Moka Project GTK / icon themes are available in repositories for Ubuntu / Linux Mint (Launchpad PPA), Fedora, openSUSE and Arch Linux (AUR).

The themes are free to download but there's also an option to donate to help its development and for this reason, I won't add installation instructions here. Instead, head over to the Moka Project website:

Download Moka

... and simply click the theme you want to install, then click the Download button and follow the instructions.

To change the GTK / icon theme, use a tool such as Unity Tweak Tool, GNOME Tweak Tool, Ubuntu Tweak, etc.

Important note: the Moka Project website doesn't mention the GTK version required by the GTK themes. I've tested the GTK themes with Ubuntu 12.04 (which uses GTK 3.4) and the themes looked broken so I assume the GTK themes require at least GTK 3.6 (the themes seemed to look ok in my brief Ubuntu 12.10 / GTK 3.6 test).

Report any bugs you may find @ GitHub.

some images via Moka Project