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Last year, Leadwerks Software ran a Kickstarter campaign to bring their game development software to Linux. The company raised $42,358 (of the $20,000 goal) so Leadwerks Game Engine is now available for Linux and starting today, you can buy it via Ubuntu Software Center.

Leadwerks Ubuntu Software Center

The Leadwerks Engine is a 3D game engine powered by OpenGL 4.0 which made its debut in 2008. The engine makes use of the Newton Game Dynamics SDK 2.0 for physics and OpenAL and EAX for sound and 3D sound effects.

Leadwerks Ubuntu

It features built-in level design tools, an integrated Lua script editor, visual flowgraph and so on. For more information, check out the official feature list.

Josh Klint, the Leadwerks CEO, wrote in an email sent to WebUpd8 recently that their software is important for two reasons:

  • Linux users are no longer reliant on games ported from Windows; they can now make and play their own games, without ever leaving Linux.
  • We are opening the door for more games to come to Linux, like "Rogue System" and the other titles featured on our site.

In a press release, Josh Klint also mentions that:

"The PC platform plays to the company’s strengths in graphics and development tools. Linux is where the really exciting developments are happening, on the desktop and in the living room. Leadwerks for Linux is designed to bring user-friendly game development to desktop Linux, and Ubuntu is the leader in this space, so it makes sense to focus our efforts there. Growing a community of Ubuntu game developers is our primary goal over the next 12 months".

Below you can watch a quick video on building games for Ubuntu with Leadwerks:

(direct video link)

Install Leadwerks Game Engine in Ubuntu

Leadwerks Game Engine: Standard Edition is available in the Ubuntu Software Center starting today and it costs US$ 199.99. Click the button below to open it in Ubuntu Software Center:

Available Ubuntu Software Center

Or, search for "Leadwerks" in Ubuntu Software Center.

A Leadwerks Game Engine demo is also available, HERE.