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Claws Mail 3.10 was released today with important new features such as auto-configuration of account email servers based on SRV records, so for instance if you enter a Gmail account, Claws Mail will automatically determine the connection details (ports, server names, security protocols, etc.).

The new release also includes proper certificate verification, an option to avoid saving drafts for emails that are to be sent encrypted, a new Libravatar plugin which displays user avatars from libravatar.org and more.

Claws Mail 3.10 Ubuntu

Claws Mail is a free, open source GTK email client. Its development was started in April 2011 as the development version of Sylpheed (it was initially called Sylpheed-Claws), where new features could be tested. In 2005, Claws Mail was completely forked from Sylpheed.

The application is lightweight, fast and features POP3, APOP, IMAP, SMTP, SMTP AUTH, NNTP and LDAP support, multiple accounts support, threaded display, filtering, multiple MH folder support, Mbox import/export, external editor, message queueing and drafting, mime attachments support, SSL over POP3, SMTP, IMAP4rev1 and NNTP protocols, GnuPG support, user-defined headers, color labels and much more.

There's also an extensive list of plugins for various extra features, like rendering emails using the WebKit library, notifications plugin, PDF viewer and much more.

For a complete list of features and plugins, see the Claws Mail features page.

What's new in Claws Mail 3.10

Claws Mail auto configuration
Auto-configuration of account email servers, based on SRV records

Changes in Claws Mail 3.10:
  • Auto-configuration of account email servers, based on SRV records, is now possible. (GLib >= 2.22 is required);
  • Complete SSL certificate chains are now saved, and if built with Libetpan 1.4.1, the IMAP SSL connection's certificate chain is made available. Both of these allow correct certificate verification instead of a bogus 'No certificate issuer found' status;
  • A new Libravatar plugin was added, which displays avatars from https://www.libravatar.org/;
  • Added a preference to avoid automatically drafting emails that are to be sent encrypted (Configuration > Preferences > Compose > Writing);
  • Messages saved as Drafts are now saved as New, highlighting the Drafts folder, in order to draw the attention to unfinished mails there;
  • It is now possible to add a 'Replace signature' button to the Compose window toolbar;
  • Quotation wrapping and undo/redo in the Compose window has been improved;
  • 'Reply to all' now excludes your own address;
  • The 'Generate X-Mailer header' option has been renamed 'Add user agent header' and applies to both X-Mailer and X-Newsreader headers;
  • 'Check for new folders' now only updates the folder list, not updating the contents of folders. If needed, it can be followed by 'Check for new messages';
  • The GPG keyring can now be used as the source for address auto- completion;

Claws Mail 3.10 includes too many improvements / bug fixes to list them all here, so check out the official release notes for a complete list.

Install Claws Mail 3.10 in Ubuntu

The latest Claws Mail 3.10 is available in the official Claws Mail PPA for Ubuntu / Linux Mint (and derivatives - elementary OS, etc.) users. Add the PPA and install Claws Mail using the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:claws-mail/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install claws-mail

To install extra plugins, use Ubuntu Software Center (and click the "Show X technical items" link at the bottom of the search results window) or Synaptic and search for "claws mail".

If you don't like the default Claws Mail icon theme, you can change it - firstly install the Claws Mail Themes package:
sudo apt-get install claws-mail-themes

Then, from the Claws Mail menu select Configuration > Preferences and then under Display > Themes, select the theme you want to use from the drop-down, then click "Use this theme":

You can see a preview of the themes available for Claws Mail, HERE.

For other Linux distributions or Windows, see the Claws Mail downloads page.