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Telegram is a free messaging app that focuses on speed and security. There are official Telegram applications available for iOS and Android as well as various unofficial clients for Windows, Mac OS X and Windows Phone.

On Linux, Telegram is available as a Chrome App, browser app as well as a command line client and now, thanks to Costales' work, you can now also use a Telegram webapp in Ubuntu.

Telegram webapp Ubuntu

The Telegram Ubuntu webapp uses Webogram (an unofficial Telegram Web App) under the hood and features Unity Dash integration so you can launch Telegram from Dash and also, you get Unity Launcher / Messaging menu conversations unread count.

Telegram webapp Ubuntu

Update 6 May 2014: the Telegram Unity WebApp is now configurable: right click the WebApp icon from the Unity Launcher and you you'll be able to set the app to autostart with Ubuntu and enable/disable displaying the new conversations count on the Unity Launcher or Messaging Menu. Here's a screenshot:

Telegram Ubuntu

Install Telegram WebApp in Ubuntu

The Telegram WebApp is available for Ubuntu 14.04 and 13.10 in a PPA. Add the PPA and install it using the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:costales/unity-webapps-telegram
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unity-webapps-telegram

Once installed, launch Telegram from Dash.

Note that to use Telegram, you must firstly install it on your mobile device.

To grab the source code, report bugs, etc., see the Unity Telegram WebApp Launchpad page.

thanks to Costales for the tip!