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Skype Call Recorder is a small Linux utility that lets you record your Skype calls easily. The application can record all Skype audio calls automatically or you can set it to ask before recording a call.

Skype Call Recorder Linux

Skype Call Recorder features:
  • record calls automatically / manually;
  • record Skype calls to mp3, ogg vorbis or wav;
  • automatic Skype calls recording on per-caller basis;
  • split stereo recording.

Using the application is very easy: start Skype Call Recorder, then Skype. A popup will be displayed, asking if you want to allow Skype Call Recorder to connect to Skype:

Skype Call Recorder

Enable "remember this selection" if you don't want this popup to be displayed every time you start Skype, then click the "Yes" button.

By default, when you receive a call, Skype Call Recorder will ask if you want to record it but you can set the application to automatically record all calls or set it to record Skype calls on per-caller basis:

Skype Call Recorder

All calls are recorder under ~/Skype Calls ("Skype Calls" folder in your home directory) as mp3s, but these can be changed from the Skype Call Recorder preferences.

Download Skype Call Recorder (deb* and rpm** files available) | Source code

* Ubuntu users: ignore the fact that the download page says "Ubuntu 13.04" for the latest Skype Call Recorder version. The application should also work on Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, 13.10 and 14.04. Also, make sure you download the latest version!

** The rpm files available on the Skype Call Recorder downloads page are very old so it's probably better to compile it from source if you use Fedora, etc.