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Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr: Unity 7 will get new window decorations inside Unity which will not depend on the Compiz "decor" plugin or a decorator such as gtk-window-decorator.

The new Unity window decorations will support full GTK3 theming, they will introduce improved resizing speed and, something many of you have requested, anti-aliased corners.

Unfortunately, the new Unity decorations will not support changing the window buttons position because "we want a consistent user experience in unity, that covers both the windows and the top panel and here the window buttons are, by design on the top left corner of a window. Always". 

If you really need to move the window buttons, that might be possible at some point because Marco Trevisan, who is working on the new Unity decorations, said in a Google+ comment that he "can probably make possible to use old decorations if much requested, but for now we've other priorities".

Besides moving the window buttons, another thing that the new Unity decorations won't support is custom actions on bar clicks but support for this might be introduced later.

If you're wondering how the new Unity decorations will look like, well, they will look basically the same as the current decorations, except for anti-aliased corners obviously. Here are a couple of screenshots via Marco Trevisan @ Google+:

Unity 7 new decorations

Unity 7 new decorations

You can find the specifications for the new Unity decorations @ Launchpad.