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Intel has released an update for for its Linux Graphics Installer, available for Ubuntu 13.10 and Fedora 19.

Intel Linux Graphics Installer

The Intel Linux Graphics Installer is a tool developed by Intel that allows users to easily upgrade to the latest graphics drivers for Intel hardware. The installer automatically adds a repository used for upgrading the packages provided by Intel - that means that besides the Intel Linux Graphics Installer, you can also use the Ubuntu Software Updater, apt-get, etc. to upgrade the packages.

The latest Intel Graphics Installer 1.0.3 for Linux brings the latest Intel Graphics 2013Q3 Stack, which comes with support for Solid Intel Celeron N2810 processor with Intel HD Graphics support, SNA enabled by default and power savings improvements for 4th Generation Intel Core processors with Intel HD Graphics. There's a huge list of improvements so check out the official release notes for more information.

Download Intel Graphics Installer for Linux

Before downloading and installing this package, please note that in the past, this installer caused some serious issues for some users so I suggest you only use it if you know how to downgrade the packages in case something goes wrong.

I couldn't test the latest Intel Linux Graphics Installer because it's only available for Ubuntu 13.10 and I'm using Ubuntu 14.04.

If you have questions about the installer or Intel Linux graphics, visit the Intel Linux Graphics forums.

The installer itself doesn't work in Ubuntu derivatives like Linux Mint however, you can manually add the repository if you're using a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 13.04 - see THIS article for how to add it.