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Linux Deepin 2013 has been released with various improvements and enhancements as well as two new applications: Deepin Terminal and Deepin Game Center.

For those not familiar with Linux Deepin, this is a chinese Linux distribution (English ISO files are available as well) based on Ubuntu that ships with its own desktop environment based on Compiz and various applications especially designed for it, which integrate with the overall Linux Deepin look and feel.

Linux Deepin 2013 is based on Ubuntu 13.04 and it retains the main features of the previous releases: the application launcher that lets you quickly create a desktop shortcut or add an application to the dock via right click, the dock with live window previews and the stylish notifications that can be closed so they never get in your way:

    Application launcher & dock

    With Linux Deepin 12.12.1, a Notification Center was introduced with lets you see a list of recent notifications:

    Notification Center

    Quick Linux Deepin 2013 overview

    Below you can watch a quick Linux Deepin 2013 video overview:

    (direct video link)

    Changes in Linux Deepin 2013

    With Linux Deepin 2013, two new applications have been added by default (especially created for Linux Deepin): Deepin Terminal and Deepin Game Center:

    Deepin Terminal includes features found in Terminator such as horizontal and vertical split as well as a cool workspace switcher as well as other features such as a SSH connection tool and more.

    Deepin Game Center is an application you can use to play various online Flash games. Unfortunately, most of the game descriptions are in Chinese.

    Other changes include:
    • updated default theme;
    • Software Center improvements (for instance, crucial system packages are protected so they can't be removed by the user);
    • DSnapshot now supports moving and resizing the selected area using the arrow keys;
    • improved power management: when watching videos in fullscreen in the browser, the display won't be turned off;
    • the Notification Center no longer logs notifications from blacklisted applications;
    • users can now log in using face recognition;
    • the dock now supports Unity quicklists;
    • the default key to bring up the application menu is now set to the Super (Windows) key;
    • users can choose whether removable devices should be mounted when plugged in;
    • according to the official release announcement, 336 bugs have been fixed since the release of.

    Default applications



    Software Center

    Linux Deepin 2013 ships with its own software center, screenshot tool (DSnapshot), music player (DMusic), video player (DPlayer) and, starting with this release, a terminal emulator and game center. But it also features applications such as: Nautilus (3.8.1), LibreOffice 4.0.2, Kingsoft Office 2013, Firefox 25.0.1, Thunderbird 24.1.1, Pidgin 2.10.7, Skype and Google Chrome 31, among others. Furthermore, Linux Deepin comes with codecs as well as Adobe Flash installed by default, along with a proprietary Wireless Drivers setup tool.

    Under the hood, Linux Deepin 12.12 uses GTK 3.8.2 - unlike Ubuntu 13.04 which ships with GTK 3.6 -, a patched Compiz 0.9.99+git, the Ubuntu Kernel 3.8.0, based on the upstream Linux Kernel 3.8.5, and Xorg server 1.13.3.

    Here are a few more Linux Deepin 2013 screenshots:

    Download Linux Deepin 2013