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Genymotion 2.0 has been released with Android 4.3 support as well as new features such as drag&drop to copy files and APKs to the virtual device.

Genymotion Android emulator

Genymotion is a fast, cross-platform Android emulator that comes with pre-configured Android (x86 with OpenGL hardware acceleration) images. The emulator features Ethernet support, multi-touch gestures, emulation widgets for GPS, battery, camera and more.

Starting with this release, Genymotion can be used in free mode (free for personal use, without commercial features) or with a license (Indie or Business) that enables extra features.

Changes in Genymotion 2.0:
  • Added Android 4.3 virtual devices;
  • Indie or Business license only: new remote control widget which allows you to control the accelerometer and multi-touch gestures in your application directly from any real device;
  • Indie or Business license only: new screencast widget which allows you to take screenshots or screencasts from any Genymotion virtual device;
  • drag&drop support (this requires ADB to be correctly set up in the Genymotion settings):
    • if you drag&drop an APK from your computer to the virtual device, it will be installed and launched automatically;
    • ZIP packages containing /system directory tree will be deployed automatically;
  • the virtual device creation window now lets you filter devices by Android version, device name; also, a search bar has been added;
  • Android 2.3 (yes, 2.3!) virtual device available as a preview with this release;
  • a slideshow describing some Genymotion features and tips is now displayed while waiting for your virtual device to be installed;
  • it's now possible to change the folder where Genymotion virtual devices are stored;
  • two toolbars are now available in Genymotion: one for the Genymotion widgets and one for Android actions;
  • CyanogenMod Filemanager has replaced Astro as the file manager used in Genymotion virtual devices;
  • more

Genymotion Android emulator
APK installation using drag&drop in Genymotion 2.0

Unfortunately, two features were removed from the latest Genymotion 2.0, due to licensing issues: ARM library support and Google Apps. According to the Genymotion developers, they are trying to work with Google and add the Google Apps back.

Until then, you can install APKs using the new drag&drop feature or you can download the Google Apps package from HERE and to install it, simply drag and drop the zip file in the Genymotion virtual machine, then restart the machine and Google Play Store and the other Google apps should be installed:

Genymotion Android emulator

Genymotion Android emulator

For this to work, you need to download the Android SDK, launch the Android SDK Manager, install the Android SDK Platform-tools and finally, in the Genymotion settings, on the ADB tab, enter the path to where you've extracted/installed the Android SDK.

For an ARM Translator work-around, see THIS post.

Download Genymotion

If you're upgrading from Genymotion 1.3.0, you must delete the old virtual devices and create new ones to be able to take advantage of the newly added features and bug fixes. Old virtual devices will continue to work, but without these new features / fixes.

Download Genymotion for Linux, Windows or Mac (you need to sign up for a free account to be able to download it)

For Ubuntu installation instructions, see our initial article: Genymotion: Fast, Easy To Use Android (x86) Emulator With OpenGL Hardware Acceleration Support