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Today I've released Y PPA Mangager which brings bug fixes for the latest Ubuntu 13.10 as well as some changes on how the tool works.

Y PPA Manager

For those not familiar with Y PPA Manager, this is a tool that lets you easily add, remove or purge PPAs as well as search for packages in Launchpad PPAs, a feature that should be very useful when you can't find a PPA for your favourite app on WebUpd8 or other similar websites. Other features include:
  • list the packages available in a PPA added on your system;
  • download packages from PPAs without adding them;
  • PPAs backup / restore, along with all the PPA keys;
  • update single repositories using a command line tool (by the way, when you add a PPA using Y PPA Manager, it's updated without updating all the software sources) called "update-ppa" - usage example: "sudo update-ppa ppa:webupd8team/java"; this feature was implemented by Satya;
  • some options that should help you re-enable the working PPAs when upgrading to a newer Ubuntu / Linux Mint version;
  • remove duplicate PPAs;
  • Unity quicklists / optional AppIndicator;
  • more.

Based on user feedback, single-click is now used for launching the tools available in the main Y PPA Manager interface. Initially, single-click wasn't even supported by YAD (the front-end used by Y PPA Manager) so this wasn't an option back when I started Y PPA Manager.

Y PPA Manager search

Another change based on user feedback in the latest Y PPA Manager is that the "deep search" is now used as the default search. The "deep search" is much more reliable as it only displays the packages that are available for your Ubuntu version and it also displays the package version and more. The basic (simple) search is still present - in the search dialog, check the "Basic search" box to use it.

Other changes in Y PPA Manager
  • Ubuntu 13.10: fixed policy kit issue with GNOME 3.10;
  • Ubuntu 13.10: work-around for main window issues with GTK 3.8.3+ (this is a bug in GTK3);
  • Ubuntu 13.10: fixed appindicator;
  • Ubuntu 13.10: fixed  package installation from Y PPA Manager;
  • fixed notifications not working sometimes in GNOME Shell;
  • fix backup not backing up /etc/apt/sources.list PPAs (only Launchpad PPAs listed under sources.list are backed up!);
  • added Faience indicator icon (thanks to Giovani Cascaes!).

Install Y PPA Manager

To install Y PPA Manager in Ubuntu, use the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/y-ppa-manager
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install y-ppa-manager

You can submit feature requests or report bugs @ Launchpad.