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Almost a year after the previous major release, Clementine 1.2 is finally available for download with some interesting new features such as support for playing music from your Box, Dropbox and Ubuntu One account, a new Android app that lets you control Clementine remotely and more.

Clementine music player 1.2 screenshot

For those not familiar with Clementine, this is a music player inspired by Amarok 1.4 available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, which features tabbled playlists, smart and dynamic playlists, CUE sheet support, lyrics and artist info, support for online music services such as Spotify, Grooveshark, Last.fm, Soundcloud and more, can edit MP3 and OGG tags and organize your music, fetch missing tags from MusicBrainz and more.

Clementine 1.2 brings support for listening to music stored in your Box, Dropbox, Skydrive and Ubuntu One account, support for Subsonic as well as the ability to star your playlists so they can be closed and restored later from the Playlist tab.

Clementine 1.2 screenshot
Internet services supported by Clementine 1.2

Also, with version 1.2, you can control Clementine remotely from an Android device using the Clementine Remote application.

Clementine 1.2 screenshot
Clementine Android remote app - image via Google Play

To use this feature, install the app on your device and in the Clementine Preferences > General > Network Remote, check the "Use a network remote control" box. To allow downloads, also check the "Allow downloads" box in the same section. In my test, I was unable to get the Android app to connect to Clementine 1.2 running on my Ubuntu 13.10 laptop, it might have something to do with my router though.

Other changes include:
  • fixed gapeless playback;
  • added an option to write ratings, play count and scores to files;
  • added configurable blur & opacity to album art when used as a playlist background;
  • support Opus where available;
  • support .mka and .oga file extensions;
  • parsing support for WPL playlists;
  • added year and bitrate to MPRIS2 messages;
  • added support for POPM tags;
  • added support for FMPS tags in Ogg, FLAC, MP4 and ASF files;
  • added an option to resume playback on startup;
  • make it possible to mark all episodes of a podcast as new/listened;
  • added an option for fading in/out on pause/unpause;
  • added stereo balance slider to the equalizer;
  • allow files to be transcoded directly from the playlist;
  • export downloaded album covers;
  • added GFM radio
  • load tags from local files asynchronously;
  • many bug fixes.

Also, the iDevice support has been removed in the latest Clementine 1.2 because "it doesn't work well with modern devices and libgpod isn't being updated to support them".

A complete changelog can be found HERE.

Download Clemenine

Ubuntu users can use the Clementine stable PPA do install / upgrade to the latest stable Clementine version:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:me-davidsansome/clementine
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install clementine

Download Clementine (packages available for Ubuntu, Fedora 18 and 19, Debian Squeeze and Wheezy, Windows, Mac OS X and of course, source files)