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GNOME 3.10 won't make it into Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander and to make it easier to install, the GNOME 3 Launchpad Team has created a new GNOME3-Next PPA.

For Saucy, the GNOME3-Next PPA will contain GNOME 3.10 packages that are considered stable while the GNOME3 PPA will only contain a few pieces of GNOME 3.8 that didn't make it into Saucy. The GNOME3-Staging PPA will continue to hold GNOME 3.10 packages that aren't considered stable just yet.

According to the announcement posted on the Ubuntu GNOME mailing list, the GNOME3-Next PPA only holds a few packages for now but it should start to fill up over the next week or two.

Also note that if you're using the GNOME3-Staging PPA, you'll also have to add the GNOME3-Next PPA because it will contain some dependencies required for the staging PPA.

I will publish a new article with instructions on upgrading to GNOME 3.10 once the new GNOME3-Next PPA is ready.

GNOME 3.10 will be released on September 25 and it will include new applications such as GNOME Maps and GNOME Music, a revamped system status menu, Setting (Control Center) improvements, initial Wayland support and more. As usual, we'll have an article covering all the major changes when GNOME 3.10 is released.
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