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Tiny Tiny RSS is an open source web-based RSS reader that you can install on a server and then access it from multiple computers/devices. Since it's self-hosted, you're in control of your data and don't have to worry that the service may be discontinued, like it happened with Google Reader (and almost happened with The Old Reader).

Tiny Tiny RSS 1.9

With a bit of a delay (sorry!), the latest Tiny Tiny RSS 1.9 is now available in our PPA for Ubuntu 13.04, 12.10 and 12.04, backported from Ubuntu 13.10. This release comes with new icons, a new plugin which adds a feed for all articles shared by url, various parser bugfixes and more.

Tiny Tiny RSS 1.9 changes:
  • Minor bugfixes;
  • Various parser bugfixes;
  • Parser: support xml:base in atom feeds;
  • Parser: add support for libxml with problematic handling of character encodings (affects several NAS devices);
  • Fixed several bugs when migrating filters using OPML;
  • Minor performance improvements;
  • Added Korean translation;
  • Improved Russian translation;
  • Other translations updated;
  • Integrated Silk icons by Mark James;
  • Added plugin which adds a feed for all articles shared by url;
  • Allow unsharing and changing URLs for individual articles;
  • Floating title more consistent with the rest of the UI, enable floating title for expandable combined mode;
  • Licensed under GPL v3.

Install and configure Tiny Tiny RSS in Ubuntu

Because the installation / configuration process has quite a few steps, I won't post them here so for how to install Tiny Tiny RSS in Ubuntu, see our previous article: Tiny Tiny RSS Ubuntu PPA.