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Viber is an application that sits somewhere between Skype and WhatsApp, which can be used to make free calls, send text messages, photos and video messages without having to register (all phone contacts that have installed Viber are listed as Viber contacts).

Initially, Viber was a mobile-only application but a few months ago, a desktop client has been released for OS X and Windows. Earlier this month, Viber Media Inc. has released Viber for Linux as a public beta. For now, there are only 64bit binaries available for download.

Viber Linux

On a first look, the Viber Linux client behaves pretty much like the mobile app: all your mobile contacts are displayed in the contacts list and you can text or call them and so on.

But there are some differences. Firstly, you can transfer ongoing calls from/to your phone: for instance, if you get a call on the desktop app, you can transfer the call to Viber on your mobile phone with a click. And secondly, the desktop application supports video calls (desktop to desktop only), a feature that's not yet available for the mobile app.

Viber for Linux features:
  • HD quality voice calls;
  • video calls (desktop to desktop only);
  • text, photo and sticker messages;
  • group conversations;
  • full sync between the mobile and Linux clients;
  • transfer ongoing calls between devices;
  • no registration or password required.

Download Viber for Linux (deb)

Update: a new Viber for Linux has been released and the new version comes packaged as a .deb (unfortunately, it's still only available for 64bit).

Download Viber for Linux (64bit only for now!)

For feedback, see the Viber Linux Beta testers G+ community.

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