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Wunderlist is a popular to do list manager that supports reminders, recurring tasks, subtasks, collaboration and more.

Many Linux users were disappointed when Wunderlist 2 was released back in December: there were packages available for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android but no native Linux app and while the web interface is nice, it doesn't offer a native experience.

Even though there's no Wunderlist Linux application yet, you can now get a native-like experience thanks to the new Wunderlist Packaged App.

Today, 6wunderkinder has released Wunderlist Packaged App for Chrome, which brings desktop notifications, menu integration and, like any Chrome packaged app, it doesn't require Google Chrome to run to be able to use it.

Chome packaged apps show up in the menu / Dash just like native applications
The Wunderlist Packaged App also features voice input (you can dictate your to-dos) and has the ability to work offline: the data is stored locally while offline and then synced back with the Wunderlist servers once you're online. An Internet connection is required only when logging in to your Wunderlist account.

For those not familiar with Packaged Apps, these Chrome apps look and behave like native applications, but are "as safe as a web page". More about Chrome Packaged Apps.

To use the Wunderlist Chrome packaged app, you need Google Chrome or Chromium version 28 or newer (or Chrome OS).