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Audacious Media Player GTK

Audacious 3.4 has been released recently and is now available in the main WebUpd8 PPA for Ubuntu 13.10, 13.04, 12.10 and 12.04. The new version doesn't come with major changes, but there are many small new features and tweaks.

Audacious is an open source audio player for Linux and Windows, that ships with numerous plugins and can use either a GTK or a Winamp2-like interface, supporting Winamp Classic skins.

Changes in Audacious 3.4 since 3.3:
  • Added a new scrobbler plugin which uses the Last.fm Scrobbling API 2.0;
  • Added a new 3D frequency spectrum visualizer, ported from XMMS;
  • Album art fetching is now done in the background so that it will not make the UI unresponsive;
  • Added a new command-line option (--quit-after-play) has been added to allow the player to exit automatically when finished playing;
  • A global hotkey can be configured to enable/disable the "stop after current song" option;
  • The ModPlug plugin has a new preferences window;
  • An alternative sample rate converter plugin, using libsoxr, has been added;
  • When search terms are too generic, the search tool now shows the first 100 results instead of showing no results as in previous versions.

GTK interface changes in Audacious 3.4:
  • Playlist columns can now be resized, however, according to the changelog, this requires GTK 3.8 to work properly;
  • New option to automatically remove duplicate entries from a playlist;
  • New option to repeat only a portion of a song ("A-to-B repeat");
  • New option to show remaining instead of elapsed time;
  • Playlist entries can now be sorted by song length;
  • New option to sort, randomize, and reverse the order of selected playlist entries only.

Here are a few more Audacious screenshots:

Audacious Media Player Winamp2 interface
Audacious Winamp2 interface

Audacious Winamp2 interface

Audacious Media Player GTK
Audacious GTK interface with docked plugins - see how to dock plugins HERE.

Install Audacious 3.4 in Ubuntu

To add the main WebUpd8 PPA (note: the PPA has multiple packages so take a look at the package list before using it) and install Audacious in Ubuntu, use the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install audacious audacious-plugins

For other Linux distributions and Windows, see the Audacious downloads page.