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KeePass 2 is an open source password manager available for Windows and Linux (Mono).

You can no longer use the KeePass2 tray icon starting with Ubuntu 13.04 because the old systray whitelist has been removed from Unity, but you can now get AppIndicator support for KeePass2 thanks to an extension created by David Lechner:

Keepass 2 Ubuntu AppIndicator

In the same PPA, there's also an Unity appmenu (global menu) plugin, for an even better desktop integration:

Using the AppIndicator extension for KeePass 2, you'll be able to minimize the application to the tray (appindicator) instead of the taskbar, hide / restore the application from the AppIndicator and quickly access the KeePass 2 options or lock the workspace from the AppIndicator menu.

You can also hide / restore KeePass2 by scrolling on the AppIndicator: scrolling up restores KeePass 2 while scrolling down hides it.

Install KeePass 2 Ubuntu AppIndicator plugin

To add the PPA and install the KeePass 2 Unity AppIndicator plugin in Ubuntu, use the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dlech/keepass2-plugins
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install keepass2-plugin-application-indicator

To also install the Unity AppMenu plugin for KeePass 2, use the following command (assuming you've already added the PPA using the first two commands above):
sudo apt-get install keepass2-plugin-application-menu