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great little radio player

`Great Little Radio Player` is an Internet radio player for Linux that comes with a collection of about 400 radio stations organized by genre and you can easily add more, import or export radio stations.

The application is very simplistic and doesn't try to do anything other than play Internet radio stations and look good. Even though I'm not a fan of its default icons (it uses custom icons), the application can look quite nice thanks to the 30 skins, called "coats", included by default. Here are some of the included "coats":

Great Little Radio Player

Great Little Radio Player

Great Little Radio Player

Other Great Little Radio Player features include:
  • display notifications on song change (useful for radio stations that display the song artist / title);
  • tray icon (converted to Ubuntu AppIndicator automatically if you use Unity, thanks to sni-qt): by default it can only hide / restore the player or stop playing the current station, but from the application settings, you can set it to show the stations and categories in the tray menu;
  • options to play stations on startup and hide window on startup.

Download `Great Little Radio Player`

Download `Great Little Radio Player` - there are deb (Ubuntu, Debian and derivatives), rpm (Fedora, Mandriva, openSuse, etc.) and source files available for download.

app seen on lffl.org