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Seafile, an open source cloud synchronization and collaboration tool, somewhat similar to Dropbox, ownCloud or SparkleShare, that you can install on your own server, has been updated to version 1.6.0 recently, getting some interesting new features such as a Wiki module and more.

Seafile cloud sync tool

For more about Seafile (features, etc.), see our initial article.

According to the Seafile developers, the synchronization feature is quite stable so they've focused on improving the collaboration features for version 1.6.0, which comes with changes such as:
  • new personal and group Wiki module - the wiki uses the Markdown syntax and it's integrated with the file synchronization and version control. Also, you can easily add pictures and attachements to the wiki pages. Furthermore, a group / wiki can be made public so you can have the wiki available for everybody, and not just your Seafile users;
  • redesigned group discussion module: the module has been moved to a separate tab, it has a new UI and it's better integrated with the online file viewing;
  • online rich document editor and improved markdown editor.

Seafile wiki
Seafile wiki

Seafile wiki markdown editor
Seafile wiki - markdown editor

Seafile online rich document editor
Seafile online rich document editor

The Seafile desktop client has received various bug fixes as well as support for symbolic links. There were also changes made to the Android client (called "Seafile+", is open source but costs $1) which has received an improved UI as well as support for editing and uploading files. And finally, the iOS client has received some bug fixes.

The Seafile developers have also launched a new AWS-based public cloud service: http://seacloud.cc which comes with 1GB of free storage space with 3 groups, or you can get:
  • 20GB of storage space, 8 groups and up to 16 members for $10/month
  • 100GB of storage space with no group or member limit for $50/month.

Download Seafile

Seafile (server) runs on Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Centos and Raspberry Pi), Windows and Mac OS X while the Seafile client is available for Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, Android and iOS.

Download Seafile

See the Seafile wiki page for how to install Seafile Server | upgrade Seafile Server.