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In February, the Valve Steam Hardware & Software Survey stats have revealed that 2.02% of Steam users run Linux, a huge increase from January (1.12%). Oddly, the survey stats for March have revealed a decrease and Linux users running Steam are now at ~1.70%.

steam survey stats march 2013
Steam survey: OS usage stats for March 2013 (the survey is optional)

One reason for this could be the game titles that are currently available on Steam for Linux: there are many interesting games, but obviously it can't be compared to Windows yet. Another reason could be the addition of many new Linux distributions: for February, only Ubuntu, Linux Mint and "Linux 64" were displayed in the stats but for March you'll notice a pretty big list of Linux distributions, including Gentoo, Debian, openSUSE, Arch Linux, elementary OS, Fedora, Chakra, Sabayon and so on, of which many show up with 0%.

As expected, in March, Ubuntu continues to have the most Steam for Linux users with 1.15% of all Steam OSes. Linux Mint comes in second, with 0.21%, followed by "Linux 64 bit" with 0.11% ("Linux 64bit" are probably Linux distributions that aren't detected by Steam) and Arch Linux with 0.04%.

Judging by these stats, the Steam Linux market share doesn't seem to be able to go past ~2% but we should see a huge increase once Steambox is released. What do you think?  

The complete Steam Hardware & Software Survey stats can be found HERE.